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SmartRC 0.95   – Software for remote controls
> 0.95 beta (24, Apr, 2011)
   – Added menu option for Restart selected device (If is needed).
   – Added info about version of bda driver.
   – Added feature for open any file (include *.exe, *.bat, etc).
   – Added feature for kill any process.
   – Added support for send keystrokes for focused window.
   – Added support for shutdown, restart, and log off computer.
   – Added TBS key-map.
   – Fixed crash when device not started on ‘device settings’ window.
   – Fixed ‘device not started’ for some devices they have long name (TBS for example).
   – A wrong label is refreshed when key pressed is already in the list.
   – Some tweaks on Save button, delete, .. (disabled when no have changes, etc)
   – Update to latest version (0.0.5).
   – Some bugs are fixed.
SmartRC 0.90   – Software for remote controls
> 0.90 beta (13, Apr, 2011)
– Added Device control feature. Now restart device when the selected dvb application is ended.*
– Now reads RC ID when it’s in edit mode. (Green box)**
– Now shows if you are in Learn mode, edit mode, or normal.
– Fixed issue updating fields in edit mode when select other one item.
– Start/Stop too fast get thread worker crash.
– When add new key/cmd to list, if cmd2 is empty, adds automatically other with same name like cmd1 name + « -« .
– Fixed -switch- code is sended to LIRC Client (‘switch’ cmd is reserved for SmartRC).
– Some bugs are fixed.
* SmartRC works simultaneously with other dvb applications, but when dvb app is closed, also stop the dvb card and make stop working SmartRC.
With this new feature resolve the issue by restarting dvb-card when application is ended.
** If RC ID is already assigned to other command, this is deleted.
SmartRC 0.80   – Software for remote controls
Rewriten server module.
    Fixed “Port already in use” error when enabled/disabled LIRC server.
    Added status bar saying info about LIRC connection (with animated pc-computers) 🙂
    “Send CMD to LIRC” in popup menu is disabled when server is not connected.
    Fixes in status icon on taskbar and some GUI Improvements.
    Now sends RC Name to LIRC automatically based on RC device selected.
    Added support for “VERSION” command (I no sure if works!)
    Now shows more info about connection.
    Some bugs are fixed.
SmartRC 0.70   – Software for remote controls
– Added support for work in .NET Framework Environment 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0. (4.0 by default).
– BDA engine is up to date to latest version (thanks to jackjavo).
* Windows Vista, Windows 2008 and Windows 7 have .NET Framework pre-installed. 
SmartRC 0.60   – Software for remote controls
> 0.60 beta (12, Feb, 2011)
* Project ported to VS2010 (Need .NETFramework 4.0)
* Added switch mapped feature (Now you can do more things with one remote!)
* Added support for start dvb-card on-the-fly.
* Added option for security to only allow local connections.
* BDA library updated for latest version.
* Fixed some bugs with TBS and TeVii cards (thk jackjavo).
* Installer updated and small fixes.


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