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Mp3tag v2.70

Added 24×24 and 32×32 toolbar icons which are used for high-resolution screens with high DPI settings
Added support for high-resolution screens with high DPI settings (DPI awareness).
Added 256×256 application icon
Updated Dutch language file
Fixed, popup menus overlapped screen in case taskbar location was top and menu did exceed the screen height
Fixed, length for files with a duration greater than 24h was displayed incorrectly
Fixed, runtime error at specificly broken APIC frames in ID3v2 tags
Removed associate tag from web sources
Fixed, field names were not always sorted when displayed in the extended tag dialog (since v2.67)
Fixed, directory names containing a dot had only the part till the dot in %_directory% (since v2.67)

Mp3tag v2.68  LINK 1   LINK 2

  • Fixed, web sources framework function ‘json_select_array’ does not create error result in case parameter does not refer to an array
  • Fixed, web sources framework function ‘ifnot’ did not work for empty parameter in some cases
  • Added Discogs image caching through dedicated caching server
  • Added support for complex JSON object values by web sources framework functions ‘json_select_object’ and ‘json_unselect_object’
  • Added support for boolean values in web sources framework function ‘json_select’
  • Fixed, MP4 codec field for encoder settings was not preserved when writing tags
  • Added support for mouse wheel scrolling in tag panel
  • Added context-specific detection of mouse-wheel usage to prevent accidentally overwriting the field contents
  • Updated RATING MM to use latest mapping of values
  • Fixed, removing filter from filter history did not reset filter and file list
  • Fixed, field RELEASETIME was missing after resetting the tag fields list
  • Fixed, adding cover art did not conform to the description in the documentation (select file dialog was showing the current working directory instead of the file’s directory in case no default directory was provided)
  • Fixed, documentation of action ‘Remove duplicate fields’ did not mention that the first value is retained
  • Added scripting function $strcmp to compare strings case-sensitively
  • Added scripting function $stricmp to compare strings case-insensitively
  • Fixed, documentation of scripting function $eql did not mention that strings are compared case insensitive
  • Fixed, scripting function $eql was not working correctly if strings contained umlauts or diacritic characters
  • Extended number of actions possibly displayed in actions popup-menu to 500

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