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vPlug Server v1.0.2.21, beta status
vPlug Server v1.0.2.19, beta status
Performance optimization
vPlug Server v1.0.2.18, beta status
Bugfix on CCcam ECM forwarding
Added support for ‘SoftCam.key’
Reworked card module handling after standby/hibernate
Updated Cryptoworks card module
Updated Nagra card module
Fixed Irdeto card module for ORF ICE
vPlug Server v1.0.2.17, beta status
Minor Bugfix on camd35 UDP server
Added new Irdeto card module
Updated Cryptoworks card module
Updated Nagra card module
vPlug Server v1.0.2.15, beta status
Bugfix possible memory leak in ECM function with vPlug module
Bugfix parallel ECM/EMM handling of vPlug module (especial for card module)
vPlug Server v1.0.2.14, beta status
Minor improvements
Added partner detection through NodeID (supported by oscam > #5080)
This partner detection is for more information about the cccam net statistic
vPlug Server v1.0.2.13, beta status
– Some more bug fix. Added new Nagra card module.
– Updated Cryptoworks card module
vPlug Server v1.0.2.12, beta status
Bugfix while adding statistic to column
vPlug Server v1.0.2.11, beta status
Minor Bugfix
Add support for card reader module
vPlug Server v1.0.2.10, beta status
v1.0.2.10, beta status
Bugfix on ECM timeout
Bugfix on reporting local cards to clients
vPlug Server v1.0.2.9, beta status
v1.0.2.9, beta status
Optimized ECM handler
Bugfix on ECM timeout
Add support for ‘CCcam.channelinfo’ and ‘CCcam.providers’
Just place them in the same folder where vPlug_Server.exe is located.
vPlug Server v1.0.2.8, beta status
Bugfix on multiple CCcam connections
Reworked a lot of code for stability improvements
Reworked internal message handling for faster communication
vPlug Server v1.0.2.6, beta status
v1.0.2.6, beta status
Bugfix loading vPlug Modules on Autostart
Bugfix on reporting card(s) if server is connected also as client
Bugfix socket error 10054 on CCcam server connections
Add online status in WebServer
Add Log To File option
vPlug Server v1.0.2.5, beta status
v1.0.2.5, beta status
Add startup delay for cccam/camd35 server and cccam server connections
For Autostart: click on the icon in the taskbar with the right mouse and select « Autostart with Windows ».
Then you don’t have to add shortcut in the autostart menu.
vPlug Server v1.0.2.4, beta status
v1.0.2.4, beta status
Some minor improvements
Add Want EMU option for CCcam server connections
Add option AU for each user
Add vPlug WebServer v1.0
vPlug Server v1.0.2.3, beta status
v1.0.2.3, beta status
ECM Handler: Fixed some deadlock problems
Now only one ECM request get forwarded if two or or more ECMs
with same CRC32 are requested.
Fixed camd35 UDP server with more than one camd35 user at the same time.
Add possibility to enable/disable CCcam extended functions (EXT and SID are right now supported)
for CCcam server and for each CCcam client.
Add transfer record for CCcam server/clients.
Add function to display CCcam card network.Attached Files vPlug_Server_v1.0.2.3.
vPlug Server v1.0.2.2, beta status
v1.0.2.2, beta status
Add provider id filter for ECM/EMM crytoworks. (Acamd sends wrong provider id)
Enabled ProviderID check for camd35 UDP.
Add delay of reporting cards after login to CCcam server connection.
Reworked ECM handler.
vPlug Server v1.0.2.0, beta status
Add ECM/EMM cache
Add extended ECM function of CCcam protocol
Add CCcam server connection for reshare:
CCcam ECM and EMM ok, EMM only get forwared if serial of
the choosen card is != 0 (==AU)
camd35 UDP ECM ok, card get choosen by vPlug_Server by CAID and smallest hop.
ProviderID check for camd35 UDP is still deactivated.
The CCcam reshare is limited by the server connection.
Push ‘CTRL + G + R’ to enable/disable the override of the
reshare limit by the used user reshare of the CCcam server.
vPlug Server v1.0.1.1, beta status
Changed IP/port binding of server
Fixed disconnect issue with clients on shutdown
Disabled ProviderID check because of Acamd (Acamd sends every time 000000)
vPlug Server v1.0.1.0, beta status
Add camd3 UDP support (experimental)
vPlug Server v1.0.0.13, beta status
Add possibility to change vPlug Server IP in server options dialog
vPlug Server v1.0.0.12, beta status
vPlug Server v1.0.0.11, beta status
vPlug Server v1.0.0.10, beta status
Lastest changes
Bugfix timing issue with reporting cards to client
vPlug Server  v1.0.0.9 beta status  
Bugfix of CW crypt
Delay card report to client because of partner detection
Reworked card system: now it is possible to add more than one card with same CAID
Like: ABSat 0x0500, Provider 0x020810; TNT France 0x0500, Provider 0x030B00
vPlug Server  v1.0.0.8, beta status  
– Included newest vPlug modules (thx to vahid)
– Some bugfix for editing cards/users
– Bugfix of CW crypt in CCcam protocol
– Implemented new 2.2.x server fake check for original 2.2.x CCcam clients
– Added new 2.2.x CCcam SID function like original CCcam
– Added option [SID] for partner connection like oscam
vPlug Serve v1.0.0.7, beta status
Added oscam partner detection over the server node id (oscam svn #3371)
Some graphic bugfix


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