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MythTV channel scanner v0.96.23
– Added a 5000ms sleep between processing events as to not
overwhelm mysql.
– Set role in program credits table.
– Store event version information and use it to determine changed events.
– Misc. fixes.
MythTV channel scanner v0.96.13
– Remove commfree column from select in getMythChannels().
– Change the default for FILTER_TIERS to 0 in the example config.
– Small change in -filter_tiers command line option to better match
config file and be less confusing.
MythTV channel scanner v0.96.12
– Check that a channel isn’t already hidden before hiding it.
– When using -hide_channels, if a channel has been unsubscribed, keep
it visible instead and delete after 7 days.
– While scanning EIT, filter bad entries after see a given event 20 times.
– Fix infinite loop problem in all_eit_seen().
– Fix commfree/commmethod flag change in MythTV.
– Remove stray quote for new DVB-S2 stuff.
MythTV channel scanner v0.96.11
– Fix README file for new -hide_deleted option.
– Include Linux:: DVB module for convenience.
MythTV channel scanner v0.96.10
– Switched to Linux: DVB to read section data. This allows us to use
myth_scanner_mon to monitor SDT for version changes and automatically
run the scanner. This also eliminates the « killall dvbsnoop » hack.
– Add timeouts to reading tables. Currently this is set to 10 minutes.
– Fix adding channels to channelgroup table.
– Remove old program entries for newly added channels.
– Make temp table entries more descriptive.
– Added -hide_deleted option. This option replaces -delete_channels and
will hide channels for 7 days before being deleted. This works around
some PPV channels popping in and out of tier handling.
– Added support for newer MythTV versions using DVB-S2.


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