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0.68.1 – 2016/05/05

LAV Splitter 0.68.1

LAV Splitter
NEW: Support for reading metadata tags from MKV files (including the « 3d-plane » MVC 3D tag from MakeMKV 1.9.10 and newer)
Fixed: Improved handling of QuickTime codecs in MKV files
Fixed: S302M audio streams with non-pcm content did not work anymore (requires an external decoder)

LAV Video
Changed: Flags for BT.2020 are exported in DXVA2_ExtendedFormat (previously only reported to madVR, since the Windows SDK did not specify them)
Changed: Prevent connections to the « AVI Decompressor » filter which could result in a broken image or crashes otherwise
Fixed: Some progressive files could report the wrong FPS when software deinterlacing was turned on
Fixed: MPEG-2 streams using « intra refresh » did not decode properly

LAV Audio
Fixed: Decoding MPEG Audio streams from the Microsoft MPEG-1 Splitter could result in playback starting with an audible glitch

LAV Splitter
– NEW: H.264 MVC 3D demuxing from MKV 3D, Blu-ray discs and Blu-ray SSIF files
– Fixed: The bitdepth of DTS-HD MA streams is reported properly in the stream information

LAV Video
– NEW: H.264 MVC 3D decoding (requires madVR 0.90 or newer)
– NEW: HEVC HDR streams export the HDR metadata to the video renderer (requires madVR 0.89.18 or newer)
– NEW: VP9 DXVA2 Hardware Acceleration
– NEW: Weston Three Field Deinterlacing filter (w3fdif)
– NEW: Ability to choose which GPU is used for DXVA2-CopyBack decoding
– Changed: Removed the CUVID HQ processing option, it is now automatically used when appropriate
– Fixed: CUVID would crash when playing certain HEVC files
– Fixed: Some pixel format conversions were much slower than expected
– Fixed: Pixel Format changes mid-stream were not re-negotiated with the renderer in all cases
– Fixed: Changes in the framerate due to software deinterlacing are properly reflected in the media type

LAV Audio
– Fixed: Increased PCM buffering to avoid stuttering with TrueHD on some audio devices

LAV Splitter 0.68.0

LAV Filters version 0.67
LAV Splitter
NEW: Support for HTTPS URLs
NEW: Automatic selection of the highest quality variant in HLS streams
Changed: Reverted back to the old ASF demuxer
Changed: Backported ASF seeking improvements to the old ASF demuxer
Fixed: ASS in AVI did not work in recent versions
Fixed: RTP/RTSP did not work properly in 0.66
LAV Video
NEW: Improved DVD subtitle and menu drawing with madVR (support for madVRs subtitle repositioning and lower latency)
Changed: HEVC and 4K HWAccel is enabled by default
Changed: Enabled DXVA2-CB Direct Mode with YV12 output on 8-bit sources
Fixed: DVD menus could show a black screen instead of the menu in some situations
LAV Audio
Fixed: Improved clipping behavior in badly mastered DTS-HD tracks



LAV Filters V0.66
LAV Splitter
– NEW: Added options to increase the queue size for increased buffering
– Changed: Switched ASF/WMV demuxing to a new demuxer from Libav
– Fixed: Improved seeking with MPEG-TS files which contain teletext streams

LAV Video
– NEW: Support for DXVA2-Native decoding of HEVC 10-bit with EVR on supported GPUs
– Changed: 4K Video Decoding on AMD graphics card is now enabled (needs recent drivers to work properly)
– Changed: DXVA2-CB decoding uses less memory on NVIDIA graphics cards
– Fixed: H264 DXVA2 decoding failed when no SPS/PPS was available in the media type
– Fixed: Conversion of RGB48 to RGB32/24 did not properly use dithering
– Fixed: Improved handling of a few DVD menu quirks
– Fixed: Decoding 10-bit video with EVR could result in a black screen

LAV Audio
– Changed: 5.1 audio favors the « Side » 5.1 layout, which conforms to modern surround standards

LAV Filters V0.66

LAV Filters 0.65.0
LAV Splitter
– NEW: Support for MKV subtitle Cues to show subtitles immediately after a seek
– NEW: Attachments and embedded cover art images are exported through the IDSMResourceBag interface
– Fixed: Improved demuxing of HEVC in MPEG-TS and increased the reliability of the SPS/PPS/VPS extraction
– Fixed: Demuxing Blu-rays/MPEG-TS where the first stream was not a video stream could result in broken timestamps
– Fixed: Seeking in MKVs which are currently being written is more reliable
LAV Video
– Fixed: Improved HEVC DXVA2 decoding on a few samples
– Fixed: Playback of VFR MPEG-4 in AVI had wrong timestamps in 0.64
– Fixed: Improved handling of DVD subtitles without timestamps
LAV Audio:
– NEW: Native DTS-HD decoding using libdcadec
– Changed: 5.1 audio prefers the speaker mask with side channels, to match recent specifications



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