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mdPlug Discrambler v.3.5
mdPlug Discrambler v.3.4 
This last little update
mdPlug Discrambler 3.1.0      
– PMT & CAT scan fixed,
– Some minor fixes,
– vModules implementation :
Adding a possiblity for vModules to scan specific pids & gain data, (experimental)
Ability to view the transfered information about the current channel,
(access to « Programm82 » data, channel name, pids, etc..)
Check the source at « DynamicLoading.pas » unit for more info. 
mdPlug Discrambler 3.0         
mdPlug Delphi Source v.3.0
MDPlugin v3.0
v.3.0 (Release Version)
– Adding two options, either to select « packets size » or to set it automatically
– Adding an option to resume/disable ecm processing while signal is lost
(this was activated on older versions, and was hated in the past due to ecm scan forcing)
– If any problem occurs, the « mdPlug.error.log » file will be generated after closing your dvb-player,
but it will be deleted when you restart your dvb-player again. 
mdPlug Delphi Source v.3.0 :
CRC32: FF6B74F8
MD5: 8F2696D0A051601EE163638597B35E10
SHA-1: A4733B16D4ED7A19BCEF33E709B6B48A3F5FD569
mdPlug Discrambler 2.9
mdPlug Delphi Source v.2.9
Small Fixes
mdPlug Discrambler 2.7
mdPlug Delphi Source v.2.7
v.2.7 (Release Version)
– Adding a small feature to view the log in a maximized window.
You need to double click the debug info text, a window will show.
You will see a small button in the corner of the Debug Info,
this will let you choose to either update the log on the
maximized window or keeping it as it was opend first.
– vModules update :
Viaccess.mdl v.1.2 by SPC (FIXES, now NT1 channel is open) thanks goes for Alexi)
mdPlug Discrambler 2.6
Fixed TNT & Canalsat 19.2°E
mdPlug Discrambler 2.6 12.05.2011
– Minor Fixes.
mdPlug Delphi Source v.2.6
CRC32: B9585301
MD5: 7FB7921C6D207CA98F997783E21EDBCC
SHA-1: 795BE37B14A097C67B6A5ADBCD2B7C471E93E990
mdPlug Discrambler 2.5
v.2.5 (Release Version)
– Fixing bugs while specifying new BISS/DCWs/CCWs keys.
If you don’t select a specific ECM pid from the ECM list when you enter
your new key, the first ECM pid will be set by default,
this will prevent saving keys with an empty ECM pid.
mdPlug Delphi Source v.2.5
CRC32: AD0F6722
MD5: E6F9D364277F51657631529CE5CA8ED3
SHA-1: 88175E546B50163706FAA9D037776D2765CEBC31
mdPlug Discrambler 2.4
– Important fix while reading CCWs with specific ECM pids,
now fully compatible with mgcamd keys!!
– Other Fixes.
mdPlug Delphi Source v.2.4
CRC32: 49840B8C
MD5: D1E6A30F66055E77D4C33105E2B0669F
SHA-1: A2E49F70DDA6EEF2FAA102100B634F8BBC274578
mdPlug Discrambler 2.3
– Possibility to enable/disable delays trick
(to enable decryption under newer ProgDVB versions, just enable delays function)
* this may help decryption but doesn’t work as good as old progdvb versions,
because AutoECM may fail, so try to set & apply the active ECM pid (CAID that has fresh key)
from channel properties in ProgDVB or your dvb player if you wish it to be the first pid,
– Fixes under DVBCore API (works but still buggy)
– Other Important Fixes
– Update of languages files
mdPlug Delphi Source v.2.3
CRC32: 6DAD87A9
MD5: 55CB553AA44169EA05C79B83B164469E
SHA-1: 798C7BB21BEE4B5F064D3ADB4AAB1F3E2344CF73
mdPlug Discrambler 2.2
– Marking ignored CAIDs with a red color & a StrikeOut
and marking the Active Providers with a green color
for best viewing 😉
mdPlug Delphi Source v.2.2
CRC32: 5B6ED51A
MD5: A879E349CD3DFA47ACEEB105D1F06130
SHA-1: 00B319CC394503EE054DE6D692DEFC59A0DB1E7A
mdPlug Discrambler 2.1
– Fixed to work with Newer ProgDVB versions 😉
Reminder !
mdPlug doesn’t work correctly with DVBCore
and it doesn’t work at all with DVBViewer
mdPlug Delphi Source v.2.1
CRC32: 2A8E5779
MD5: 237B727FB68B0C32EA991044AE36C67D
SHA-1: 3E9D4A9D113777A7909FBCC3D77A1921857E2FA6
mdPlug Discrambler 2.0
– Removing the use of ‘C’ keys from the softcam definitely,
option from softcam dialog was also removed.
– mdPlug will read BISS/CW/DCW/CCW only as ‘F’ keys from softcam
the keys from the configuration file mdplug.ini work also,
mdPlug Delphi Source v.2.0
CRC32: 624833FF
MD5: CE75724F379ECB0B812306F61EC8B558
SHA-1: 0294F557D13CEAA6BC18CA62CC851AC06A8912E7
mdPlug Discrambler v1.9
– Fixes while reading from ‘F’ keys from softcam (Works Fine Now!)
mdPlug Delphi Source v.1.9
CRC32: 16997612
SHA-1: A08513A00FC5191DCD3C7763ABB0280B4799D025
mdPlug Discrambler v1.8
v1.8 @ 10-03-2011 (Release Version)
– Updating languages
– Adding possiblity to read CCWs keys as ‘F’ entries like Mgcamd ! (compatibility issue)
the only exception is while the ECM pids equals (1FFF or 1FFA) which remains as BISS.
* In order to use them as CCWs you must check this option from Softcam dialog :
 » Use The ‘F’ keys as CCWs unless the ECM PID equals 1FFF or 1FFA (BISS)  » (Default Enabled)
( if you disable this option, the keys will be read as BISS, CW, DCW and not as CCWs !)
* mdplug still use his own CCWs softcam definition as the format : C SID INDX KEY
– Now you can use the keys priority on mdplug « BISS, CW, DCW » if you wanna speed up
the access to the locked channels with CCWs, but if no associated key of the current channel
was found (either BISS, CW, DCW, CCW) then mdplug will try the Available ECMs.
( Note that, this option is not recommended because it always forces DCWs or CCWs keys
while other ECMs can have fresh keys (and the main CCWs are down) and the channel remains locked!
so it’s up to you to choose the keys priority in main plugin dialog )
mdPlug Delphi Source v.1.8
New mdPlug Delphi Source v.1.8
CRC32: EFA7E080
MD5: F55422B17697ED82208A58934DF4C970
mdPlug Discrambler v1.7
– Adding language file « Portugues.lng » by (matrixcas)
– vModules update :
Viaccess.mdl v.2.74a
mdPlug Delphi Source v.1.7
mdPlug Delphi Source v.1.7
CRC32: 7B7045B6
MD5: 950712E287128187A9AD534B23C3EC07
SHA-1: 552339764B88A68AAD27C0C3C3A0F5EBEA969C8D
mdPlug Discrambler v1.7
mdPlug Delphi Source v.1.7
v.1.7 (Release Version)
– Important fixes while reading & saving BISS, CW, DCW, CCW keys via Softcam & configuration files. (Now Works FINE!)
– Marking (with a red colour) lines on ECM list when ECM pids equals zeros, these pids will be ignored on AutoECM, (Special Fix For DVB-Dream)
mdPlug Discrambler v1.6 27.02.2011
v.1.6 (Revision Version)
– Fixing bug while applying BISS & CCW keys
– Some minor fixes
mdPlug Delphi Source v.1.6
About Source Code :
mdPlug Delphi Source Code
You can use and modify the source to help your-self creating a new plug,
mdPlug project can be fixed up in the future & may be can have new releases ,
so if you plan to continue the job, plz use new plugin name for yours.
*thanks goes to BISS plugin developper & Vahid the Author of vPlug.
CRC32: F0341025
MD5: CC4958650B0BF03D2AC78CE145493D72
SHA-1: 17696B9BE2C98005AD4D2AB43CF48FB838E32C41
mdPlug Discrambler v1.5 26.02.2011
v.1.5 (Release Version)
– Fixing bug of the priority while reading keys from mdPlug.ini & Softcam.key
– Other minor fixes
– Adding a coloured ECM list for best viewing 🙂
mdPlug Discrambler v1.4 25.02.2011
mdPlug Discrambler v1.3 25.02.2011
mdPlug Discrambler 31.01.2011
mdPlug Discrambler 10.01.2011
mdPlug Discrambler
mdPlug Discrambler v1.2
– Adding Turkish language by Crypto26, & Russian By asid, & Deutsch by Reiner
  Available languages : English, French, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Deutsch
  – vModules updates :
  Viaccess.mdl (v.3.4)
  Nagra.mdl (v.1.8)
mdPlug Discrambler v1.2
– Adding Turkish language by Crypto26,
Available languages : English, French, Arabic, Turkish
– vModules updates :
Viaccess.mdl (v.3.4)
Nagra.mdl (v.1.8)
mdPlug Discrambler v1.2
– Adding Multi-language support
if you’ve created a language file, post it to me at : to include it in the next releases.
(Available languages : English, French, Arabic)


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