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ProgDVB v7.14.6. Update of installer. nsis3.0, Russian and Italian localization. Fixes of sat>ip and network code.
ProgDVB v7.14.0. Support of MadVR video renderer. Settings for intervals of auto update. Fixes HLS, PIP for more then 4 channels,
ProgDVB v7.13.3. Fixes of ProgDemux, 4Gb Timeshift, SAT>IP, …
25.04.2016 ProgDVB v7.13.2. Update of TBS and Astrameta modules by CrazyCat. Fixes of SAT>IP, PLP, Sovok TV archive,..
26.03.2016 ProgDVB v7.13.0. Support text files for IPTV parameters (look TvSourcesTemplates). SlyNet list of Internet TV channels. Fixes of network code, EPG dialog, NasheTV/RodnoeTV,…
16.03.2016 ProgDVB v7.12.8. Many fixes.
ProgDVB v7.12.7. Updated Italian, improved SAT>IP, media Server 4.16, fixes of hungarian, WinLinc,
ProgDVB v7.12.6. Important fix of Torrent TV list and playback. Fixes of blind search, NIT scanner, DVBSky RC, activation of ProgTV,…
ProgDVB v7.12.4. Fixes of SAT>IP Satellite and some other
ProgDVB v7.12.3. Fix of crash of last version on some PC.
ProgDVB v7.12.2. Update equalizer control. Fixes of audio stream switching, guide links,…
ProgDVB v7.12.1. Update of subtitles implementation and audio stream selection. Fixes.
ProgDVB v7.12. New implementation of scheduler. Support of Nasche TV and Rodnoe TV Fixes.
ProgDVB v7.11.6. Small fixes for more stability.
ProgDVB v7.11.5. Fixes of AC3,xmltv, refresh signal function. User agent from M3U.
ProgDVB v7.11.4. Fixes of letterbox and codepages
ProgDVB v7.11.3. Optimization of DVB EPG, fixes ATSC EPG, DVB over IP,…
ProgDVB v7.11.2. Improvements of aspect ratio, m3u, scaner,…
ProgDVB v7.11.0 Fixes.
ProgDVB v7.11.0. Changes in module API, Media client and server. Fixes of radio, not DVB-S Technisat devices, Portuguese codepage, CI Menu,
ProgDVB v7.10.7. Fixes of BDA and Media Server. Some changes in API for more stability.
ProgDVB v7.10.6. Fixes of recording and some RC.
ProgDVB v7.10.4. Fixes of xmltv, Sovok TV, RTSP,…
ProgDVB v7.10.3. Fixes.
ProgDVB v7.10.2. Fixes of recording (text subtitles and volumes). Many internal changes in Engine.
ProgDVB v7.10.1. Fixes.
ProgDVB v7.10.0. Support of Sovok TV. New implementation for Parental control. Fixes of EPG parser, archive,….
ProgDVB v7.09.3. Many fixes include 14000 filter in MD API.
ProgDVB v7.09.2. Fix of network part and x64Net version. Optimization of DVB EP
ProgDVB and ProgTV x32 for XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. x32/x64 OS v7.09.2
ProgDVB v7.09.1. Fixes.
ProgDVB and ProgTV x32 for XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. x32/x64 OS v7.09.1
Fixes and optimization of Engine.
 ProgDVB and ProgTV x32 for XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. x32/x64 OS  7.09
ProgDVB v7.08.8. Fixes of subtitles recording, greek codepages, archives, parent control,…
 ProgDVB and ProgTV x32 for XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. x32/x64 OS  7.08

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