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Hadu – CCCam DVB plugin – version Beta 0.127
-(partial) support for DreCrypt EMMs,
-EMM PIDs associated to ECM PIDs (based upon the CAID and provider criteria)
are now all displayed into the concerned column (« Monitor » window),
-an option has been added to display all the other EMM PIDs
(i.e. EMM PIDS not associated to ECM PIDs; see « DispAllEMMs » option);
-« EMMCAID » option has been extended, in order to include an optional EMM PID
(see « EMMCAID » option),
-bug fix for the non correct display of indexed nodes
(when the list of the nodes is sorted by user),
-Hadu is considered back as a 2.1.4 version client by default. You can of
course still modify the client version sent to the server (see « Version » option),
-minor modification into the possible levels of informations to log
(see « LogMessLevel » option),
-display of the « Server Infos » window has been optimized
(it’s now a bit more reactive, while using less CPU resources),
-an option has been added when Hadu is used within
the DVBViewer recording session. It’s now possible to start the
connection with the server(s) only if the channel is encrypted
(see « DVBViewerEncrServ » option),
-support for the new CCCam commands introduced
in CCCam version 2.2.0 or above
(i.e. commands 0F for the node data, and commands 0C, 0D for the new CCCam « checks »)
. An option has been added to authorize
or not the Node SID assignment/rejection feature present in commands 0F
(see « UseNodeSID » option). The Node SID assignment/rejection feature will be activated
by the server, only if Hadu is also declared as a CCCam client version 2.2.0 or above
(see « Version » option). But, as there is a bug concerning the new CCCam « checks »,
declaring Hadu as CCCam client version 2.2.0 may conduct to an improper channel
decoding (see the new workaround menu « Switch DCW Last Byte »),
-support for the OSCAM Partner handle, and its Node SID assignment/rejection
feature (the Extended ECM Mode is also checked but currently not used). Several
options have been added to authorize them or not (see « OSCAMPartner », « OSCAMExt »
and « OSCAMSID » options). Furthermore, when activated these features are displayed
at the bottom of the « Server Infos » window, as for the build of the OSCAM server,
-2 new features have been added: a list of ECM PIDs used (i.e. ECM PIDs cache; see
« Hadu-Cache.txt » file), and a list of manual ECM PIDs (see « Hadu-Manual.txt » file).
These features may be activated/deactivated directly from the main menu of Hadu
(see « Cache » sub-menu, and « CacheUse », « CacheUpdate », « ManualUse » options),
-an new column (title « Opt ») has been added in the list of the nodes into the « 
Server Infos » window (to display eventual additional infos concerning the nodes),
-all the log files (i.e. ‘Hadu-Mes.log’, ‘Hadu-EMM.log’, ‘Hadu-PIDxxxx.log’ and
‘Hadu-Dump.txt’) are now always put in the same directory as the plugin itself
(no more in path indicated by « Keypath2 », if this option is used). « Keypath2 »
is reserved for files possibly shared within several occurs of Hadu
(like the files for the ECM PIDs used and the manual ECM PIDs),
-support for Nagra Tiger EMMs,
-TID and SID for the current channel are displayed into the « Monitor » window,
-an option has been added when providers/ChIDs used within
CCCam messages are rejected by the server (see « DontUseProvFor » option),
Hadu – CCCam DVB plugin – version Beta 0.126
-temporary workaround for OSCAM servers (see « OSCAMWa » option, and all the comments for it)
added as a possible option,
-possibility to have only EMM active added (see « EMMAlone » option),
-the maximum number of providers per nodes has been increased to 40,
-possibility to update more than one card (i.e. node) of the same CAID for EMM purposes added,
-bug fix for nodes with too many providers,
-transparency for Monitor and Server Infos windows added (see « UseTransparency » option for more details),
-« IgnoreProvFor » option now also used for EMMs,
-providers are no more checked for Betacrypt CAIDs (ECMs and EMMs). So, you can remove
your « IgnoreProvFor=1702 » or « IgnoreProvFor=1722 » option lines if you wish,
-bug fix for BetaCrypt EMMs process,
-bug fix concerning the DCWsOneServ option,
-bug fix for the emulator nodes recognizing,
-modification for the non standard CCCam servers and the corresponding « NonStd » option: it’s
now supposed to work automatically (see « NonStd » option for more details),
-bug fixes concerning different particuliar cases when several servers are in use,
-bug fix for incorrect behavior of server connections when the plugin is deactivated,
-bug fix because current ECMs were not sent immediately when a new server is activated (if several
servers are active and at least one is OK),
-by default value has been changed for the MaxConnections and MaxECMPIDs options. You’ll have
to manually modify your current Hadu.ini file, if you plan to use these new by default values,
-number of active CCCam servers at the same time no more limited to 6 (but still limited to a maximum
of 64 CCCam servers, active or not active). Set the new by default values for the MaxConnections and
MaxECMPIDs options, if several servers are in use,
-bug fixes for a possible improper re-connection when the disconnection has been provoked externally
(network and/or distant server),
-bug fix for Viaccess « long » ECMs (for TNTSat mainly),
-size for Monitor and Server Infos windows now also saved into Hadu.ini (if changed by the user) when
pushbutton « OK » is pressed. Furthermore, the size of the columns for the different lists of these windows
is now also saved,
-it’s now possible to sort the nodes list into the Server Infos window for some columns,
-reject of null DCWs (processed as ‘No decoding’),
-some other bug fixes and minor enhancements.


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